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Are you content with paying steep fees on your checking account with another financial institution, simply because switching would be too much of a hassle? Tobacco Valley Teachers Federal Credit Union can make switching your checking account hassle-free, thanks to our friendly and professional staff. Once you make the switch, we guarantee that you'll love the results, thanks to the benefits that our checking accounts offer!
Plus you'll be able to take advantage of all our members discounts.


myChoice Checking (Draft) Account (ages 26 – 64)

myLife Checking (Draft) Account (ages 18 - 25)
Everything in myChoice Checking PLUS

  • .25% discount on a First Time Car Loan
  • .25% discount on a First Time Personal Loan
  • FREE Checks (free shipping on first order)

myTime Checking (Draft) Account (ages 65 and over)
Everything in myChoice Checking PLUS

  • 1 FREE Money Order or Cashier’s Check per month
  • FREE Account Reconciliation twice per year (we will help you balance your account)
  • FREE Checks (plus free shipping)

myChance Checking (Draft) Account1
Everything in myChoice Checking

At TVTFCU, we're here to help you achieve financial wellness. Therefore, we are pleased to offer our myChance Checking (Draft) Account. This account is especially for those who have been denied checking accounts due to past credit histories. Open one today and you’ll also be able to take advantage of all our members discounts.

1 A myChance Checking (Draft) Account will have a $10.00 per month service charge applied.
The account will be monitored for 1 year and will be closed if it is in a negative balance for 30 days or if the account produces more than 3 Non-sufficient Funds (NSF) within the first year. After 1 year, the account will be moved over to one of our other Checking accounts with no monthly fee.

Payments of Overdrafts

The credit union will not notify you if your account does not have available funds to pay an overdraft. If you feel this might be an issue to you, it will be your responsibility to review your account either through our FREE online Virtual Branch, FREE Mobile Banking App or by calling our automated phone system known as CARLA. You can access CARLA 24/7 by calling 860-253-6884 or 888-448-6670.

Order Free Checks

The credit union provides you with free checks. You may order one box (100 checks) at a time.
You will need to pay for the shipping cost if you have a myChoice Checking or myChance Checking.
A myLife Checking receives free shipping on the first order and a myTime Checking always receives free shipping.
To place your order, contact a Member Service Representative at 860-253-4780 or 800-749-8305 or by email:

VISA ATM/Debit Cards

Use your Visa ATM/Debit Card to pay for purchases anywhere Visa is accepted. The purchase amount will automatically be deducted from available funds in your Tobacco Valley Teachers Federal Credit Union checking account. You can also use your card to access funds from your credit union checking or savings account at any ATM.

Access thousands of FEE-FREE ATMs nationwide that display the CO-OP logo.



Foreign Debit Card Transactions: Due to the high risk of debit card fraud in foreign countries, TVTFCU will block the use of our debit cards in all foreign countries and in the use of online purchases. If you will be traveling outside the United States or will be making an online purchase from a foreign vendor, please contact us by calling 860-253-4780 or 800-749-8305 before your trip or purchase and we will activate your debit card for foreign transactions.

VERIFIED BY VISA: Our members can utilize Verified by Visa, a free, simple-to-use service that confirms your identity with an extra password when you make an online transaction. Enroll your Visa ATM/debit card or Visa credit card in the Verified by Visa program for added protection.

Click here» for more information and to register for Verified by Visa.

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